Gefen provides Rumor Mill with Booster

The music and scoring studio used the Gefen Dual Link DVI Booster to span the 30ft between the HD workstation and the equipment rack
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The Gefen Dual Link DVI Booster helped the Rumor Mill span a 30ft distance between an equipment rack and an HD workstation.

When the Rumor Mill, which occupies a one-time silent theater in New York City’s lower east side, needed to link the studio’s HD workstation in the mixing suite with computer equipment stored more than 30ft away in a control room rack, the company turned to the Gefen Dual Link DVI Booster.

With it, the Rumor Mill was able to access the computers remotely through a 30in Apple Cinema Display while maintaining resolutions of 2560x1600.

The Booster can extend HD data up to 100ft using an off-the-shelf DVI-DL cable, surpassing the 15ft DVI distance specification, and providing total silence in the mixing suite.

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