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Gefen Provides Booster to Combat HD Enroute Degradation

HD video transmitted through DVI (digital visual interface) cables can sometimes break down beyond 15 feet, according to Gefen, and all DVI copper cables experience this problem when used at resolutions of 1080i or higher. A few days ago, Gefen released its DVI Booster, a small unit that it says corrects video signal degradation occurring over long stretches of DVI copper cables-- used primarily for locating a display a long distance from its HD wellspring.

Typically, with advance cabling and enhancement techniques using higher gauge copper cables, an additional distance of up to perhaps 50 feet could be achieved, but not always with reliable success, according to Gefen, based in Woodland Hills, Calif. The company contends that its booster guarantees a "100-percent accurate reproduction of the image at any [HD] resolution." The DVI Booster sits between the DVI copper cable and the display, correcting faults in the digital video before passing it through to the display.

The booster--with an MSRP of less than $250--works with HDCP-compliant content, according to Gefen. HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) is a proprietary specification developed by Intel to protect digital content as it travels across DVI or High Definition Multimedia Interface connections.