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Gefen offers 1080p Video Wall Controller

Gefen Video Wall controller
Gefen has announced the availability of its new Video Wall Controller which it says can offer HD imagery across an array of four displays (typically stacked in a 2x2 configuration).

The wall controller outputs up to 1080p from a single PC or other video source via DVI, and can support resolutions (when combined with computer applications) up to 1920x1200. Typically, Gefen said, one DVI input is split into four DVI outputs connected to four HD displays. (Video can be spread across all four displays — or just three, two or one — providing some creative control over the display's overall output.

Independent bezel adjustments control imaging borders when the HD video is spread across multiple displays, while Gefen sees as a solution for matched borders, which can adversely affect an otherwise seamless multi-screen image.

The image adjustment features are accessed through the wall controller's front-panel buttons and on-screen display menu. A port (RS-232) and IR remote are included as standard equipment.