GatesAir Assisting Raycom Media With Repack Services

CINCINNATI—Raycom Media is preparing for the TV spectrum repack by signing an agreement with GatesAir to provide Maxiva transmitters and installation services to the broadcaster’s 65 TV stations across 44 markets that is affected by the repack.

As part of the deal, GatesAir will supply the Raycom stations with broadband transmitters, RF systems and installation services. Depending on individual sites’ specific requirements, GatesAir will supply Maxiva UHF liquid-cooled and/or Maxiva UHF and VHF air-cooled transmitters. The transmitters will integrate with GatesAir’s ATSC 3.0-ready Maxiva XTE exciter and the latest GatesAir RTAC software for real-time adaptive correction for signal integrity and compliance.

The repack transition process is currently underway.

For more information on the repack, visit TV Technology's repack silo