GatesAir Aids TV Channel Relocation for Oregon Broadcaster

CINCINNATI—After an agreement with a cellular company to clear spectrum for mobile services, KOHD-TV in Bend, Ore., needed to relocate to a UHF channel. To do so the station turned to GatesAir, who provided quick production and delivery of a new, high-efficiency Maxiva UAXT solid-state transmitter requiring minimal changes to the station’s RF plant.

Maxiva UAXT-6

The dual-cabinet Maxiva UAXT-6 was configured to transmit KOHD’s single-channel of DTV programming at 4.3kW. It also left additional headroom for the possibility of the station launching more channels in the future. The Maxiva’s built-in real-time adaptive correction software for signal compliance is also offering improved picture quality.

With GatesAir, KOHD-TV was able to relocate from channel 51 to channel 18 within three months. In that time frame the station secured FCC approval, construction permits, testing and commissioning.