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Gannett TV Stations Adopt Chyron Axis for Graphics

Gannett Broadcasting has inked a deal with Chyron to use its Axis Graphics Web-based platform for content creation across all 23 Gannett-owned TV stations.

Axis Graphics is a new online graphics platform launched by Chyron at the 2008 NAB Show after the company acquired Axis Graphics in January. At the time Axis was already being used by more than 150 TV stations nationwide. Axis works by using metadata to call for constantly changing information from the Web, such as stock prices, weather status, maps, sports scores and other real-time data. The system then inserts the information into graphics templates for broadcast and Web-based display, with output suitable for any device from a cell phone to HDTV.

David Lougee, president of Gannett Broadcasting Group described the Axis approach a “game-changer,” that could “redefine the use of graphics.”

“Their server-based model is designed to allow us to create more graphics at a higher media quality, and at a lower cost,” Lougee said. “That would be a triple win.”

Lougee said Axis will help Gannett employees easily create daily breaking news graphics, maps and charts, while more complex customized work will be handled by a newly formed “Gannett Graphics Group” (G3) which will provide design options to local TV stations to enhance their use of real-time data.

“The combining of Axis services with our G3 capability aims us straight toward significant quality and efficiency gains across the entire Broadcasting Group,” Lougee said.

Chyron President Michael Wellesley-Wesley applauded Gannett as an “early adopter” of Axis and touted the platform’s importance to Chyron’s bottom line.

“Axis is an important driver for Chyron’s future growth both On-Air and Online with Newspapers, Radio, Pure Play Internet and, of course, our traditional Television customers,” Wellesley-Wesley said.

Other station groups, including Media General also have set up centralized graphics hubs as well. NBC-Universal helped pioneer the concept earlier in the decade with the launch of its Arthouse hub.