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‘Game of Thrones’ Rules HPA Award Nominations

LOS ANGELES—The battle for the Iron Throne is still raging on, but “Game of Thrones” was already won the title of most nominated television program for the 2017 HPA Awards. The Hollywood Professional Association’s annual honors for creative achievement and artistic excellence for editing, sound, visual effects and color grading bestowed five nominations on the hit HBO show. Other TV shows receiving multiple nominations included HBO’s “Westworld” and Netflix’s “The Crown” and “Stranger Things.”

Here is the full list of nominees for television:

Outstanding Color Grading

“The Last Tycoon — Burying the Boy Genius”: Timothy Vincent, Technicolor – Hollywood

“Game of Thrones —Dragonstone”: Joe Finely, Chainsaw

“Genius — Einstein: Chapter 1”: Pankaj Bajpai, Encore Hollywood

“The Crown — Smoke and Mirrors”: Asa Shoul, Molinare

“The Man in the High Castle — Detonation”: Roy Vasich, Technicolor

Outstanding Editing

“Game of Thrones — Stormborn”: Tim Porter, ACE

“Stranger Things — Chapter 1: The Vanishing of Will Byers”: Dean Zimmerman

“Games of Thrones — The Queen’s Justice”: Jesse Parker

“Narcos — Al Fin Cayo!”: Matthew V. Colonna and Trevor Baker

“Westworld — The Original”: Stephen Semel, ACE, and Marc Jozefowicz

“Game of Thrones — Dragonstone”: Crispin Green

Outstanding Sound

“Underground — Solider”: Larry Goeb, Mark Linden and Tara Paul, Sony Pictures Post

“Stranger Things — Chapter 8: The Upside Down”: Craig Henigham, Fox; Joe Barnett, Adam Jenkins, Jordan Wilby and Tiffany Griffith, Technicolor – Hollywood

“Game of Thrones — The Spoils of War”: Tim Kimmel, MPSE; Paula Fairfield; Matthew Waters, CAS; Onnalee Blank, CAS; Bradley C. Katona; and Paul Bercovitch; Formosa Group

“The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble”: Pete Horner, Skywalker Sound; Dimitri Tisseyre, Envelope Music + Sound; Dennis Hamlin, Hamlin Sound

“American Gods — The Bone Orchard”: Bradley North, Joseph DeAngelis, Kenneth Kobett, David Werntz and Tiffany S. Griffth, Technicolor

Outstanding Visual Effects

“Black Sails —XXIX”: Erik Henry; Yafei Wu, Nicklas Andersson and David Wahlberg, Important Looking Pirates; Martin Lippman, Rodeo

“The Crown — Windsor”: Ben Turner, Tom Debenham, Oliver Cubbage, Lionel Heath and Charlie Bennett, One of Us

“Taboo — Episode One”: Henry Badgett, Nic Birmingham, Simon Rowe, Alexander Kirichenko and Finlay Duncan, BlueBolt VFX

“Ripper Street — Occurrence Reports”: Ed Bruce, Nicholas Murphy, Denny Cahill, Piotr Swigut and Mark Pinheiro, Screen Scene

“Westworld — The Bicameral Mind”: Jay Worth, Deep Water FX; Bobo Skipper, Gustav Ahren and Jens Tenland, Important Looking Pirates; Paul Ghezzo, COSA VFX

Nominations for film and commercials can be found here.

The 2017 HPA Awards will announce the winners at a gala ceremony on Nov. 16 at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.