Game Creek Video captures Super Bowl XLV with Canon long-zoom lenses

Mobile production company Game Creek Video outfitted all 18 of its stationary HD field cameras with Canon (opens in new tab) XJ100x9.3B long-zoom HD lenses for coverage of Super Bowl XLV Feb. 6.

In addition to using this triple-digit, long-zoom HD field lens, Game Creek Video equipped all of its portable HD cameras with Canon HJ22ex7.6B and HJ11x4.7B ENG-style lenses and HJ21ex7.5B portable EFP lenses.

Canon’s XJ100x9.3B long-zoom HD lens features Canon’s Shift-IS built-in image stabilization system, which enables TV directors to capture high-impact telephoto shots and deliver this video shake-free to the viewing audience. As with all of the long-zoom lenses in Canon’s DIGISUPER line, the XJ100x9.3B features Canon’s XS technology for superior optical performance in terms of high contrast and picture sharpness across the entire focal range.

Canon’s second-generation digital servo system provides microcomputer compensation of lens focus breathing (the inadvertent alteration of field of view when operating the focus control) and also facilitates a host of improved digital operational features for focus and zoom control.

Canon’s portable HD lenses also were integral to Game Creek Video’s coverage of the game. They included the HJ22ex7.6B, Canon’s longest-focal-length portable HD production lens; the HJ21ex7.5B, which has a wide field of view combined with a 21x focal length; and the HJ11ex4.7B wide-angle lens.

All three lenses have Canon’s eHDxs designation, which indicates inclusion of Canon’s XS optical technology as well as Canon’s eDrive digital servo system embodying the company’s MRA technology.

MRA technology provides 16-bit resolution of the settings for zoom, iris and focus, which allow camera operators to program functions like zoom and focus settings into the lenses for precise, automated repeatability via an LCD menu, assignable soft function buttons and the rocker switch built into the lens grip.