Game Creek Acquires Calrec Consoles

Calrec Audio has announced that the New Hampshire-based mobile production company, Game Creek Video has chosen Calrec Alpha digital audio consoles for two of its latest high-definition vehicles, bring the number of Calrec console products to 13 for Game Creek.

“Game Creek enjoyed its best year ever in 2009, in spite of the down economy. We believe our company has grown because we listen to what our clients need and want--and when it comes to audio, that means Calrec equipment," said Paul Bonar, Game Creek’s vice president of engineering. “In the mobile television industry, Calrec is the accepted brand. If you have a Calrec console, anyone can run it.”

The new trucks, dubbed “Larkspur” and “Dynasty,” will also be using Calrec’s Hydra networking system, which allows consoles to share I/O resources and to control data via Ethernet connectivity. “Larkspur” has already seen service, being deployed in late July for several sporting events. “Dynasty” is scheduled to hit the road later this summer.