Fujinon lenses capture SpaceShipOne launch

Sean Fairburn, director of photography for The Science Channel's X-PRIZE event, uses a Fujinon XA101x8.9BESM HD zoom.

The Science Channel and CNN used Fujinon telephoto lenses for live coverage of the historic commercial launch of SpaceShipOne from the Mojave Desert. The Science Channel utilized Fujinon’s XA101x8.9BESM, while CNN captured the event with an XA87x13.2BESM lens.

The spaceship, privately funded by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and designed and built by Burt Rutan, broke a 42-year-old altitude record.

The event was shot with a Sony 900 24P high-definition camera by Pierre de Lespinois (Evergreen Films) for The Science Channel, making heavy use of the Fujinon 101x lens’ Precision Focus Assist system and image stabilization features. Fujinon's Precision Focus Assist system is a built-in feature that enables the operator to precisely adjust the lens for optimum focus.

A one-hour version of The Science Channel's live X Prize event is being produced and will air early next year.

For more information, visit www.fujinonbroadcast.com.

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