Fujinon HD Lenses Deployed for FIFA World Cup

More than 100 Fujinon high-definition lenses will be used to cover the 2006 FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football) World Cup. This is the first time the event, which runs from June 9 to July 9, will be broadcast in HD.

More than 180 broadcasters from around the world are licensed to transmit the pool feeds originating at stadiums in 12 German cities, from Hamburg to Munich. Many of these broadcasters will be augmenting pool feed coverage with specialized feeds from the stadium venues.

Seven outside broadcast vans from four television production companies will be used to cover the event. These companies include: Studio Berlin Adlershof (SBS) Germany and WIGE TV from Germany, Visual TV from France and Media Pro from Spain.

The FIFA World Cup television coverage will be broadcast in 1080/50i and will involve 11 different types of Fujinon HD lenses.

More than three billion persons globally are expected to watch the World Cup.