Fujinon HD Lenses Capture High School Football Team's Winning Streak

Goal Line Productions recently filmed a documentary about the record breaking De La Salle High football team in Concord, Calif.

ESPN got wind of the team and bought the rights to "151: The Greatest Winning Streak" which debuted on ESPN2 on Dec. 14.

Goal Line captured the winning highlights using Panasonic Varicam HD cameras. Attached to the cameras were three Fujinon HD lenses, one XA101x8.9BESM zoom, one HA22x7.8BERM/RD ENG-style lens and one HA 18.7.6BERM/RD ENG-style lens.

"In the realm of television, a well-captured HD image is comparable to film," said Anton Laines, a freelance producer who worked on the documentary.

The production company--owned by former NFL star and broadcaster John Madden and his son Joe--also uses Fujinon lenses for commercials, industrial projects and corporate videos.