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Fujinon announces XA50X9.5B ESM HD telephoto lens

Last week at the 2009 NAB Show, Fujinon announced the XA50X9.5B ESM HD telephoto. Designed to work with ENG-style 2/3in HD cameras, the 45lb lens features an integral camera supporter that requires no additional camera lens support.

The XA50X9.5B ESM has 50X magnification and a 9.5mm to 475mm focal length, which can provide a tight shot at 100ft. A remote control 2X extender is standard. The maximum relative aperture is 1.7 from 9.5mm to 311mm and only 2.6 at 475mm. The minimum object distance is 9.8ft from the front of the lens. Built-in moisture absorbing technology reduces fogging caused by.

The lens also features Fujinon’s Digi Power digital servo control system, which enhances the performance of both zoom and focus functions.