Front Porch Digital Acquires SAMMA Systems

Front Porch Digital has acquired New York-based SAMMA Systems which specialises in the migration and preservation of videotape to digital files.

Following the acquisition, Front Porch Digital has said it will provide an end-to-end offering for media past, present that will allow customers to rapidly accelerate the migration of vulnerable videotape, and provide a far more reliable, secure, and easy means of access to valuable content housed in digital storage.

"While Front Porch Digital has offered our current broadcast customers near-line and online storage for many years, the largest collection of media in the world today is still stored on videotape," said Mike Knaisch, president and chief executive officer of Front Porch Digital. "Our acquisition of SAMMA is strategically planned to offer broadcasters, archiving facilities, and other content owners a new system uniquely capable of accessing all that stored content and of making it available in a cost-effective way."

Commenting on the deal, Mark Gray, CEO of SAMMA Systems said: "We're in a unique position to fuel growth by merging operations with a company that is strategically aligned with our own mission. It is rare when two profitable, global market leaders come together, and I'm confident that the result will be an even more dominant force that provides better products and superior service to more customers. All in all, this is a two-plus-two-equals-five equation."

Following the acquisition, Mark Gray will assume the role of executive vice president and general manager of the company's Americas division, reporting directly to Mike Knaisch. Jim Lindner will continue in his role as evangelist and visionary in the preservation of A/V content.