Freedom Files Reorganization Plan

IRVINE, CALIF.: Freedom Communications filed its reorganization proposal today, the media company said. Freedom filed for Chapter 11 Sept. 1 in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware in Wilmington.

Freedom’s secured lenders will take over the company under a debto-in-possession agreement reached before the filing. Primary lenders included J.P. Morgan Chase, SunTrust Banks and Union Bank of California, which were collectively owed around $770 million out of Freedom’s total debt of $1 billion.

The court will have to approve Freedom’s disclosure statement before the company holds a vote on the reorg plan and seeks the court’s OK on it.

A group of Freedom’s unsecured creditors petitioned the court in mid-October to reject the company’s investment banker based on conflict of interest. The same group objected to a proposal to award Freedom executives $7 million in bonuses when they themselves were allotted just $5 million. The outcome of an Oct. 14 hearing on the subject was not yet posted in court proceedings posted online.

Freedom has eight TV stations and around 100 newspapers.

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