Fraunhofer HHI Develops Camera System for Virtualizing People

BERLIN—Virtual reality is adding a bit of the real-world, as Fraunhofer HHI has announced that it has developed a new camera system that allows for 3D human body reconstruction, creating a 3D model of someone and placing it into a virtual model.

The camera system from Fraunhofer is at its base a stereo camera, which records an image with two lenses, similar to what people do with their eyes; the results creates a 3D impression. More than 20 of these stereo cameras are used to map a person, with each camera focusing on a specific part. The different images are then merged to create a single picture.

Once the image is completed it is transmitted into the virtual world, where the person can move freely in the dedicated capture area. Fraunhofer’s eventual goal is to be able to have a person be able to directly interact with the virtual world.

Fraunhofer will demonstrate its new technology at the upcoming IFA fair in Berlin and the IBC 2016 Show in Amsterdam.