Updates C2C With Aaton Cantar X3 Support
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NEW YORK CITY— has unveiled an update for Camera to Cloud (C2C) workflows with hardware support for the latest Aaton Cantar X3 sound recorders and a new way to validate C2C connections from web–connected devices, including Android phones.

The updates also include the ability to use filmmaking applications, such as Pomfort Livegrade with ShotHub, ZoeLog and Magic ViewFinder, the company said.

Since launching in March, C2C has been used for more than 1,300 productions with over 150,000 assets stored in, it said.

Aaton Cantar X3 sound recorders can now authenticate and communicate directly with to upload full-quality audio files during production, the company said.

The expanded authentication is in addition to the iPhone and iPad apps. It now includes authentication via a web browser, making it possible for crews using Android devices, Macs or PCs to set up a C2C production, it said.

Integration with Pomfort Livegrade and ShotHub centralizes LUTs and CDLs to a single cloud directory so cinematographers, DITs, VFX and post houses can find all color metadata in one place.

ZoeLog generates easy-to-use and instantly sharable camera reports trusted by major Hollywood film and TV productions. By using, these reports can be distributed automatically to the people who need them most.

Magic ViewFinder brings a feature-rich director’s viewfinder to any filmmaker with an iPhone, creating camera sensor and lens accurate pre-visualization photos and videos that collaborators can all reference throughout pre-production and production.

“Ever since the launch of C2C, we’ve been hard at work collecting user feedback, building new integrations, and expanding options for more advanced workflows,” said Adobe senior director of global innovation Michael Cioni. “By removing the barriers of traditionally linear workflows, we enable teams to work in parallel, resulting in better collaboration, more time for creativity, and higher quality output.”

More information is available on the company’s website.

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