Fox's “Unanimous” chooses Auralex Acoustics' sound control products

Fox's new reality TV series “Unanimous” is making extensive use of Auralex Acoustics' AudioTile and T'Fusor acoustical treatment products.

AudioTile is used to absorb echoes and other unwanted sound reflections, allowing the set designers to customize it to create visually stunning patterns.

The company's T'Fusors can be seen in the background on the interview sets while AudioTile can be seen in the host background.

Both lightweight and sturdy, T'Fusors reduce standing sound waves to lend a strong 3-D sense of spaciousness in a room. The 2in x 2in units are easy to install, and simple to paint by brush or spray. For the show, the T'Fusors were painted black and dry-brushed with metallic silver to give them an engine-block look.

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