Foxcom unveils fiber optic return path for SDTVplus broadband distribution system

Foxcom has released the SDTVplus fiber optic return path system for cable operators and service providers who have launched interactive services.

The need for a fiber solution for the Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) environment has become critical. To serve this market, Foxcom has released an optical return path to its SDTVplus distribution system.

Private Cable Operators (PCOs) and CATV Multiple System Operators (MSOs) serve the vast majority of MDUs in North America. Providing a two-way fiber optic-based infrastructure for high-speed Internet and interactive TV will help reduce reverse path noise and eliminate the need to deploy additional coax. The operational and economic benefits of such an infrastructure will be considerable to both the property owners and service providers.

The return path system technology is based on Foxcom's field-proven professional Sat-Light series of fiber optic links. The fiber return path solution is incorporated into Foxcom's SDTVplus fiber optic distribution platform which currently offers up to 2.4 GHz of bandwidth delivering CATV, local UHF/VHF TV, cable-modem based Internet services (54 - 862 MHz), and DTH/DBS (950-2400 MHz). At the property head-end, the SDTVplus transmitter combines these multiple signals, converts them to optics, and transmits them to various receivers (nodes). The new return path transmitter is housed in these receivers, operating within a frequency range of 5 - 42MHz. The return path signal is transmitted to a modular rack-mount return path receiver situated at the property head-end up to 2 kilometers away.

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