FOX Turkey adds OCTOPUS newsroom computer system

FOX Turkey in Istanbul has revamped its news production with an OCTOPUS newsroom computer system.

The infotainment channel, which is associated with Fox Broadcasting Company, owned by Fox Entertainment Group, chose to migrate its existing local newsroom computer solution to the fully featured OCTOPUS platform.

The new newsroom system is simplifying news operations by improving workflow and connecting together the overall TV infrastructure.

The selection process started at the 2010 NAB Show where FOX contacted potential suppliers, and after a thorough comparison of available systems lasting nearly three months, FOX selected OCTOPUS6, the latest version of OCTOPUS newsroom.

OCTOPUS6 is a multiplatform newsroom computer solution running on Windows, Mac or Linux. It has an installation-free client, centralized updates and a straightforward user interface. OCTOPUS6 provides rundowns, assignments, story approval, wires, e-mail or RSS, placeholders and low-res browsing.

Fox Turkey broadcasts in the Turkish language, which is known for its special character sets. Octopus newsroom provides multilingual support based on the usage of Unicode.

The new newsroom system also is easily integrated with nearly any broadcast hardware due to its Media Object Server protocol compliance. The new TV infrastructure now consists of the Octopus newsroom computer system, Vizrt graphics, Autoscript teleprompter and Grass Valley video.