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Fox NY Facility On Air With Florical

(April 19, 2004) Las Vegas, NV--Florical Systems has announced that the Fox New York regional facility is on air with a Florical automation system. The new Florical automation system originates broadcasts for two stations in the New York DMA--Fox affiliate WNYW-TV and UPN affiliate WWOR--and Baltimore UPN affiliate WUTB-TV.
The new Florical Automation System uses multiple layers of redundancy. The systems are duplicates and replicate the program stream for full protection. These systems are designed so that operators can make changes to the play-to-air schedule and those changes are automatically replicated throughout the system. The program output can be changed from one system to another instantly.
The multiple layers also simplify major system software upgrades. One of the systems can always be on-air with the previous software build until the new software is thoroughly tested and approved for use at Florical Systems.
Florical Systems