Fox News Nets Largest Audience for Election Night Coverage

Fox News Channel
(Image credit: Fox News Channel)

SAN FRANCISCO—While votes are still being counted in the presidential election, Samba TV has determined that Fox News was the winner among viewers for its election night coverage.

Measuring primetime numbers (7 p.m.-2 a.m. ET), Fox News had 11.6 million households tuning into its coverage of election results, according to Samba. CNN came in second with 10.7 million households, followed by NBC (8.2 million), ABC (7.9 million), CBS (6.3 million) and MSNBC (5.1 million).

Samba’s data also revealed that viewers tendency to watch either a cable or broadcast network differed depending on their household income. The highest income households tended to over-index on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and PBS, while the lower-income households and younger households were more likely to watch broadcast networks.

Individual state patterns were also tracked by Samba. Liberal states in the Northeast and D.C. over-indexed on MSNBC, while Alabama saw the biggest gain for Fox News. Battleground states including Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin all over-indexed on broadcast networks—ABC +20% in Pennsylvania; Fox’s partial prime-time coverage +59% in Michigan; and WGN +65% in Wisconsin.

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