Fox Installs Nvision Routing Systems

Fox Networks has installed new routing gear from Nvision at its Fox Networks Engineering and Operations center in preparation for its upcoming hi-def NFL schedule. The newly expanded 250,000 square-foot Century City, Calif. facility handles all SD- and HD-format video and audio signal switching for Fox's cable and TV networks.

The new hardware includes an NV8256-Plus digital video router, an NV7256 digital audio router and the NV500 series connectivity products. The NV8256 is configured to handle 512x512 mixed-format signals and is currently populated with 256x160 Super Wideband with redundant crosspoint, power supply and control. The NV7256 supports analog and digital signals and is linearly expandable to offer 2048x2048 channels. The systems TDM architecture supports mono channel switching, so engineers can route any two-channel pair to any router input.

"The current West Coast facility is half SD- and half HD-compliant, but is transitioning towards a fully HD-compatible operation," said Susan Seidenglanz, Nvision's South Western regional sales manager.