Fox Cable Group Upgrades With Harmonic

Fox Cable Group upgraded two of its broadcast uplink sites with DiviCom MPEG video encoders and DiviTrack XE statistical multiplexers from Harmonic to deliver its cable networks in digital video formats.

The facilities, in Houston and Los Angeles, integrate content produced within 11 Fox Sports Net regions. The Harmonic system then compresses and combines regional and national content into multiple standard-definition and high-definition channels. Each MPEG transport stream contains digital cue tones compliant with the recently ratified SCTE35 standard for Digital Program Insertion (DPI).

Fox Cable Group said that by upgrading to Harmonic's digital video systems, the capacity of its distribution network is increased and room for more services, such as HD, is provided. The company is operating the infrastructure using the NMX Digital Service Manager, a monitoring and management system that automatically re-provisions equipment in the event of failure.