Fox Business Debuts in 720p

The new Fox channel for business launched itself from its New York City headquarters early Monday morning (Oct. 15), with a full 16:9 screen and 720p image to show for itself. And as with its successful Fox News Channel, it made clear that its business programming will strive to be as widely accessible as possible (both editorially and technically).

Right now Fox Business (some media are reporting it has dropped the “Network” from its official title, and it is not using it on-air yet), is pretty much limited to subscribers of DirecTV, so its television audience is relatively small for the moment. However, much of its video content, along with print news, is being featured daily on a flashy new Web site:

Unlike its only key rival—the simulcast duo of CNBC and CNBC HD+—Fox Business has elected to use its entire 16:9 screen for its 720p content (and not a 4:3 video window inside 16:9, as in CNBC HD+’s case), perhaps to best show off its new set at its newly built Manhattan studios.

Fox Business is owned by the same Rupert Murdoch corporation that is purchasing the business-oriented Wall Street Journal.