Force Optical introduces SNMP monitoring, control for HD video links

The 3000 Series from Force Optical Broadcast Systems allows users to access real-time data for parameters like system uptime, firmware revision and fault status over optical fiber or Cat5 cabling.

Force Optical Broadcast Systems has expanded its SNMP monitoring and control product line to encompass the complete L-Band and IF transport product line and the HDTV Linx Model 3753 Serial Digital Video Link.

Available in the 3000 Series 3RU rack chassis configuration, the Models 3000UB (110 Volts AC) and 3000UD (-48 Volts DC) SNMP-compatible power supplies allow the user to access real-time data for such parameters as module serial number and part number, system uptime, firmware revision, and fault status over optical fiber or Cat5 cabling.

Other monitoring capabilities, such as RF level status, link-gain settings, optical status, optical input power and optical output power, are available depending on the transport link. Some system settings can be remotely controlled using the SNMP interface, giving the user the ability to detect system failures and correct operating parameters, all via an SNMP management tool.

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