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SYSTEMS INTEGRATORSDigital System Technology: The Customer First

A systems integrator sells its services by promoting its design and installation expertise. When Digital System Technology (DST) approaches a customer, it’s our job to ask the right questions in order to get a clear idea of what the client wants as a final result. Every system is different, as are the desires, requirements, and objectives of each customer.

Once the conceptual design process is complete and equipment is selected, DST enters its off-site pre-build process, which we refer to as “palletization.” The majority of our projects involve building a new system for an existing facility. Since our customers must remain online with their older system while the new one is constructed, we are able to build the system in a controlled environment rather than interfere within an existing workplace. Pre-building at our own sites also lowers costs, as all of our labor is home-based. This also allows us to fully test the system before shipping.

The depth of our human resources is one of the keys to our success. A systems integrator is only as valuable as its personnel. In terms of operational and engineering resources, DST has assembled one of the finest staffs in the industry—all with years of practical, hands-on experience. While its competency is based on core digital distribution in master control broadcasting, DST recently expanded into IP distribution and strengthened its position in encoding and transmission.

All of DST’s regional offices (Atlanta, Seattle, Nashville, and the Irwindale, CA headquarters) regularly work on broadcast design and installation projects, specializing in analog-to-digital and HD migration. With systems integration experts in each regional office, we are able to provide more extensive support around the country and create the ideal team for each project.

Every design and installation project has its own set of unique challenges, some technical, others operational. Some of our biggest challenges have involved a change in the scope of work mid-project. We’ve had to address the customer’s desired changes while staying on budget and within deadline. This ability to adjust and stay on track is crucial to DST’s “Customer First” philosophy and approach to business. To address the many technical challenges that often arise, from pre-planning concerns to post assembly, “real-world” operational issues, DST’s engineering and project management staff is constantly evaluating new technologies so we can accurately apply them to address specific project challenges.

One recent construction and installation project that clearly demonstrates our approach to systems installation was for KPSP (CBS), a new, multimillion-dollar television facility with full high definition broadcast and production capabilities in Palm Springs, CA. Because it is a brand new structure, it offered us the freedom to start from the ground up. Every one of our projects, big and small, has contributed to our growth and to our unparalleled depth of experience.

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