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During Quantel’s “Focus on the Future—A Blueprint for Post Production” two-day conference/expo/cookie-fest, held at the Directors Guild of America (DGA), in Los Angeles, participants took in panels, sessions, demos, and assorted baked goods, reviewing new options for film and TV production and post, and exploring virtually every aspect of digital production.

Sessions included “Building the Digital Lab” and “Choices in Acquisition,” where participants learned from Sony’s Andrew Stucker about the financial savings realized by the producers of Fox’s Titus when they opted for HD acquisition over film. “The producers were told to cut between 2 and 5% of their bud-get, and [using] 24p allowed them to do that. They figured average savings of about $35,000 an episode, which ramps up to about $500,000 for a year,” said Stucker.

White papers, presentations, and transcriptions from “Focus on the Future” can be found at