FOCUS Enhancements ships FireStore FS-3 DV disk recorder

The FireStore FS-3 is now available through FOCUS Enhancements worldwide dealer and distribution network.

FOCUS Enhancements' latest portable DV disk recorder - the FireStore FS-3, is now available through its worldwide dealer and distribution network.

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The FireStore FS-3 is now shipping. The FS-3 is based on FOCUS Enhancements' DTE Technology, a solution that allows video, audio and timecode to be recorded directly in native file formats to removable FireWire disk drives.

Owners of Sony, Ikegami, Canon, Panasonic, and other professional camcorders can now connect a portable DV disk recorder directly to their camcorder and take advantage of the benefits of Direct To Edit Technology (DTE). DTE Technology is FOCUS Enhancements' unique proprietary recording process that enables the recording of video, audio, and time code directly to removable, FireWire disk drives in non-linear editing (NLE) native formats. This eliminates the need to capture, transfer, or convert clips prior to editing. Formats include DV-OMF for Avid Xpress DV, QuickTime for Apple Final Cut, AVI 2 for Adobe Premiere, Canopus AVI, Matrox AVI, and many others.

The FireStore FS-3 portable DV disk recorder weighs approximately two pounds and mounts directly to a professional DV camcorder that features a DV video input/output port and either an Anton Bauer, V-Mount, or NP style battery system. Smaller camcorders are supported with off the shelf battery mount adapters. FireStore FS-3 includes a shock protection buffer, a full-featured control panel, a backlit LCD, 4-pin XLR power input, 6-pin external FireWire drive connection and a 6-pin DV video input/output port.

The FireStore FS-3 includes a 40GB FSHDD-1 removable FireWire disk drive and is now available through the FOCUS Enhancements worldwide dealer and distributor.

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