Florical automates five Russian channels for Media Most

Media Most International is currently uplinking five channels of Russian language broadcasting from its New York City facility using Florical automation.

The MediaMost facility

The Florical automation system includes a five channel AirBoss on-air presentation system with two GUI/Device Server workstations, each with a Quick Reaction Control Panel for pushbutton operator control. AirBoss provides play-to-air capability from a Profile XP video server or from DVC Pro videotape machines. A Grass Valley 7000 routing switcher provides on-air switching for the five channels and Leitch Logomotions under AirBoss control are used for automatic channel branding functions.

The automation asset management is handled by MediaMaster which manages the contents of two Profile XP video servers, automatically transferring needed content from the ingest video server to the smaller play to air server. MediaMaster also detects "missing material" and provides an ingest list of material prioritized by time of airing. MediaMaster works with the Florical Purge List Processor to automatically purge content from the video servers based upon a purge list generated from the proprietary Media Most traffic system. Four MediaFiler ingest workstations are used to add new content to the video server system, with one workstation also providing a MediaTimer system for program timing and segmenting functions.

The AirBoss Editor application is used to generate schedules using a unique Master Schedule template for each day of the week. The templates form the programming portion of the broadcast schedule and unique commercial break material is added to customize the schedule for a particular broadcast day. The AirBoss Editor system is also configured to support import of play-to-air schedules from the proprietary Media Most traffic system using the Florical Standard Traffic Interface that includes over sixty fields for each schedule event.

Media Most International owns the only privately held Russian-language information and television service. The service is independent of the Russian government and reaches 4.5 million international viewers.

For more information visit www.florical.com.

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