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FLO TV finds a new home with QuickPlay

The Qualcomm-owned FLO TV mobile service that was closed several months ago has been acquired by Toronto, Canada-based QuickPlay Media.

QuickPlay's OpenVideo platform is utilized by many of the major players for securely delivering various mobile entertainment categories. The OpenVideo platform manages more than 1 million content assets through over 3000 content providers, sending out a huge variety of mobile entertainment in dozens of categories. FLO TV's main operations center resides in San Diego, CA, and the 30,0000sq ft facility will now be run by QuickPlay.

Strategically, this is a smart move for QuickPlay Media, although having a large presence in Canada, its next move is poised toward the growing U.S. mobile TV industry, and acquiring FLO TV is the first step in extending its reach. Any company these days must grow its services as wide as possible, and this new scenario provides a perfect opportunity for the leading-edge company. As smart phones in the U.S. get more and more advanced, and mobile entertainment extends more to handsets and tablets, the company wants to leverage its existing technology as well as FLO TV's assets into a dominant presence in this new market. It also plans to bring on new content providers, and this new arrangement will definitely work towards handling the upcoming flow of content.

The San Diego facility will serve multiple purposes, the first of which will be centered on capture and distribution of on-demand as well as live content for its many partners and devices. QuickPlay will have many more resources now to handle its large stable of content and alliances with partners. The move will be a major presence for the company in North America, and its long-range plan is also to also move into additional countries for a true global platform. QuickPlay already has a diverse history of delivering live events, including such notable events as the recent royal wedding and the Super Bowl, and the folding in of the FLO TV brand as well as expanding via a state-of-the-art facility is sure to take the company to new levels of mobile TV systems.