Flingo Joins Roku, Launches Samba 2nd Screen Platform

LAS VEGAS --Flingo announced a partnership with Roku to provide its video channels on Roku streaming players. Flingo’s slate includes TMZ, A&E, History Channel, Lifetime, Transworld, Warren Miller, Fitness Magazine, CollegeHumor, CelebTV and others. Several of these channels will launch on Roku this month; with additional channels launching every month.

Flingo, based in San Francisco, also unveiled a new platform that connects first and second screens, e.g., smartphones, tablets, PCs, “all instantly synchronized with live TV shows,” without an app or a login, Flingo said. As the viewer flips through channels, Samba automatically recommends related content, and generates real-time information and social media discussions about the TV program currently playing. The integration of Samba directly into the TV or set-top box also enables interactive TV features like check-ins, tweets, polls, quizzes, cast and crew information, special offers from the device or directly on the TV itself controlled via the remote.

Chinese TV manufacturers Hisense and Haier will integrate Samba into their smart TVs, Flingo announced from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.