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Fischer Connectors introduces 1053 HDTV camera connector

Fischer Connectors' 1053 fiber-optic camera connector

Fischer Connectors has unveiled the 1053 fiber-optic camera connector designed specifically for HD camera users. The 1053 connector addresses the challenging and time-intensive connector/cable termination process that has slowed broad acceptance of previous HDTV camera connector products.

Termination time for the 1053 is 15 to 30 minutes, less than half as long as the time needed to terminate other products, according to Fischer Cable. The difficult procedure of precisely polishing fiber-optic elements as well as preparing and using special epoxies is unnecessary with the 1053. Only simple hand tools and a basic knowledge of connector assembly are required.

The 1053 is fully SMPTE signal-compliant, employing two single-mode fiber contacts, two high-voltage contacts and two low-voltage signal contacts.

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