FCC publishes report and order restructuring MDS, ITFS band

The FCC last week published its Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making modifying rules covering Multipoint Distribution Service (MDS) and Instructional Television Fixed Service (ITFS) in the 2495MHz to 2690MHz band.

The order, adopted June 10 but published July 29, is designed to promote wireless broadband deployment. (A detailed description of the action was reported in the June 15 edition of RF Update.)

Among the highlights of the action:

  • A new band plan that eliminates interleaved MDS and ITFS channels and creates separate band segments for high and low power operations.
  • Renaming of MDS service to Broadband Radio Service (BRS).
  • Expanding the MDS-ITFS band by 5MHz from below 2500MHz, providing room for MDS channels 1 and 2 currently located in the 2.1GHz band.
  • Retaining existing ITFS spectrum rules limiting eligibility for licensing to qualified educational institutions.
  • Grandfathering existing MDS-ITFS leases.
  • Lifting all non-statutory eligibility restrictions on BRS spectrum.
  • Establishing simple and flexible rules.
  • Establishing a three-year period for BRS and ITFS to propose a transition plan for relocating existing facilities of other licensees.

For more information visit www.fcc.gov.

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