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FCC Open Meeting Agenda to Address New Spectrum, Technology

The FCC has a full agenda for its Thursday Open Commission Meeting. While the DTV transition is not on the agenda, two of the items could affect broadcasters. The FCC will consider a Report and Order and Memorandum Opinion and Order concerning use of the 3650 to 3700 MHz band. See RF Report for April 27, 2004 for details on the FCC's Notice of Proposed Rulemaking concerning this band. Another item on the agenda is consideration of a "Report and Order on the use of cognitive radio technologies to facilitate opportunities for more flexible, efficient, and reliable spectrum use." Use of this technology could have an impact on many spectrum users. See RF Report for April 13, 2004 for one description of how this would work.

In the Open Meeting, the FCC will consider an Order concerning Part 15 UWB transmitters. This is in response to a petition for waiver of the Part 15 UWB regulations filed by the Multi-band OFDM Alliance Special Interest Group.

The FCC lists several other items in a "Consent Agenda" for consideration. The Public Notice announcing the Open Meeting said they would not be presented individually. This listing includes Orders concerning applications filed by commercial and non-commercial stations seeking an extension of the FCC deadlines for construction of their digital television facilities.

For more information on the meeting, including how to attend in person or listen on the Internet, see the Public Notice announcing the Open Meeting.