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FCC Eliminates Paper Copy Rules

WASHINGTON—The file cabinets of some broadcasters and cable entities might be getting a little lighter if a Notice of Proposed Rule Making by the FCC goes through. This new NPRM would see the elimination of rules that require the keeping of paper copies of FCC rules.

For more than 40 years rules have been in place that required low power TV, TV and FM translator, TV and FM booster stations, cable television relay station licensees, and certain cable operators to maintain paper copies of FCC rules. The aim of this requirement was for these entities to have access to the rules governing their operations.

The use of online resources that have the same rules have led some to find the paper copies “outdated and unnecessarily burdensome,” according to the FCC’s release on the NPRM.

Part of the “Modernization of Media Regulation Initiative,” this action seeks to reduce unnecessary regulation.

The action was approved unanimously by Chairman Ajit Pai and all FCC Commissioners.