FCC Delays 2 GHz Relocation Plan

The FCC is postponing the end of a negotiating period for changes to the part of the 2 GHz band used by Broadcast Auxiliary Services (BAS) for ENG and sports microwave transmissions. Previously scheduled to end on Sept. 6, 2003, the negotiating period is now scheduled to expire on Nov. 4, 2003.

The purpose of the negotiating period is to give BAS license holders time to discuss the shift of frequencies in the 2 GHz band with Mobile-Satellite Service (MSS) operators, which will be swapping 35 MHz of bandwidth with BAS operators. The FCC planned to relocate the frequencies in two phases, each with a two-year negotiating period. The first phase of this relocation was initially scheduled to end on Sept. 6, 2002, but was extended for one year by the FCC. This date has now been extended by two months.