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Fast Forward Video offers miniature DVR for covert applications

Fast Forward Video (FFV), a provider of digital video recorder (DVR) technology, has announced the availability of its new compact COVERT DVR .

The COVERT DVR is a miniature, stand-alone DVR that provides high image quality and scalable motion-JPEG compression for maximum image capture and outstanding 720x486 pixel image resolution on every frame.

Applications for the COVERT DVR include extreme sports productions, law enforcement, emergency first responders, and military and government agency surveillance. Designed with FFV’s OMEGA DECK and the ultra-compact Recon DVR, the COVERT DVR offers more features, smaller size, greater flexibility and is easy to conceal. The COVERT DVR includes a standard USB 2.0 port for fast file downloading.

The COVERT DVR measures 5.7-inches x 1.0-inches x 3.55-inches and is configured with two compact flash card slots for easy removal and transfer of recorded video. The COVERT DVR provides a choice between an ATAPI/IDE hard drive or a solid-state flash drive. All models are equipped for file transfer via an on-board USB 2.0 port. Both models provide removable, rechargeable batteries or low-voltage DC power input combined with low power drain for full portability.

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