Eyeheight video keyer takes on Wimbledon

An Eyeheight DK-2 multirate linear downstream keyer from the company's geNETics range has been deployed to provide digital graphics to support live transmission of the 2013 Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships. 

Equipped with a VP-10 video T-bar module and installed in an FB-9E chassis, the keyer is being used by a major OB service provider to process overlays, such as contestant identifiers, which can be faded in and out over the live action.

Compatible with all commonly used 625/525-line SD, 720p intermediate-definition and 1080i HD formats, the Eyeheight DK-2 incorporates background, fill and key inputs, wipe, matte and garbage-matte generation, independent main and preview keyers and EDH reinsertion for the main output. It is fully transparent to SDI-embedded audio and other ancillary data. Mechanical relay bypass is available as an option.