Eyeheight to roll out irisHD HD-SDI switcher

Eyeheight will introduce several compact, cost-efficient high-definition digital television products.

They include:

  • irisHD, a powerful and versatile HD-SDI digital vision switcher with up to eight inputs. Features include full 10-bit mixing with programmable mix times and automatic or manual transitions.
  • vistaHD, an ultra-compact, affordable A/B vision switcher that supports 24, 25 and 30 Hz frame rates (interlaced, progressive scan and split-frame) to SMPTE-272 specification.
  • safeEyesHD graticule generator which provides guide markers for all common television and film formats.
  • iris SD-SDI an SD vision switcher with 10-bit processing vision and up to 12 inputs.

For more information, please visit booth SU11809 or go to www.eyeheight.com.

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