Eyeheight keeps 021 Television legal at TV awards production

021 Television selected three CC-2 legalizing color correctors for use during ITV's coverage of the 2008 National Television Awards.

The event, broadcast live from the Royal Albert Hall in London, Oct. 29, relied on the three legalizers installed in 021 Television's Unit 8 digital production truck, which was located adjacent to the venue.

The legalizers enabled 021 Television to ensure incoming SDI video feeds were precisely matched and that signals forwarded for transmission remained within standard thresholds, said Andrew Jones, business development director at 021 Television.

Eyeheight's CC-2 provides individual control of R, G and B gain, list and master gamma. Its integral legalizer ensures operators can make full use of the color correction without fear of the resulting video levels exceeding EBU R103-2000 or user-defined parameters.

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