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Exanet supports BBC with NAS for news production and multimedia playout

The BBC World Service has installed Exanet’s ExaStore 2008 Clustered NAS System to support news production and archiving for the production and playout multimedia workflow. The system will support simultaneous access to more than 125 people.

BBC will store more than 6500 hours of real-time, high-resolution video and low-resolution proxy media on its ExaStore storage system. At the same time, the storage provides bandwidth of more than 600MB/s, for individual access as well as rendering and media conversions running in the background.

With ExaStore, the BBC is enjoying increased resource efficiency with immediate access to new digital material. Massively scalable and cost-effective online archiving completely eliminates the need for tape, reducing time and material costs. ExaStore’s simplified management using a single IP address allows the IT team to centrally configure and manage all storage across every workstation and server concurrently, saving time and effort.

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