EVS to showcase editing at IBC

EVS Broadcast will demo several new editing products at IBC, including new systems with MXF-based interoperability with other manufacturers’ systems.

A highlight will be a new version of CleanEdit optimized for live editing. The editor's news configuration, now on-air at RTL-TVI (Brussels), is based on proxy editing and allows multiple formats to co-exist within an edit. The end-to-end workflow includes desktop voice-over recording, playout is near instant as it requires no rendering.

The CleanEdit for sports configuration features editing during ingest of live feeds, with transition effects using animated graphics. The finished edits can be played locally with no delay or rendered and placed onto an XT-server for playout, optionally under control of the vision mixer.

The company will also show the EVS HD XT servers, which have been employed during Euro2004 and the Olympics, featuring HD super slow motion. EVS DVB solutions also support HD and may be integrated with multichannel playlist automation. The DPI digital insertion system supports VBR and may be combined with program delay.

For more information, visit: www.evs.tv.

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