Evoca Partners With Unmudl on Adult Education TV Channel

Evoca Unmudl
(Image credit: Evoca)

AUSTIN, Texas & BOISE, Idaho—Evoca, a NextGen TV-based OTA-OTT hybrid pay-TV service, is partnering with Unmudl, billed as a skills-to-job marketplace, to develop a locally relevant TV channel for adult learners seeking short-term courses and credentials related to their professions.

Naming the channel “Path,” Evoca and Unmudl plan to produce multiplatform programming and services to inform people about training and job opportunities, as well as to connect them with community and technical colleges, employers and social supports. The channel will also enable R&D opportunities for interactive experiences and “seamless handoffs to educational providers and employers,” the announcement said.

Specific examples of what the content will focus on includes highlighting stories and voices of learners and their educational and career experiences; and curating and producing programs to bring practical news about jobs and educational trends to viewers.

The channel will be tested in Phoenix, as well as Boise and Twin Falls, Idaho. Additional markets will be launched later with a plan to scale nationally.

“Television has been a missing piece of the picture in reaching adult learners. We can actually do something about that with the reach, efficiency, capacity and interactivity of our platform,” said Evoca President and CEO Todd Achilles. “The current approach leaves many unaware of their options and their potential. We are excited to work with Unmudl and their collaborative network of community colleges and employers.” 

For more information, visit www.evoca.tv.