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Eutelsat gains from European scramble for satellite capacity

The EBU (European Broadcast Union) has boosted satellite capacity for its pan European transmission network by renewing eight transponder contracts with French-based operator Eutelsat.

This will ensure the EBU’s ability to meet demands of the 85 national media organizations in the 56 countries it serves, during a year of high sporting activity with the European football championships and Olympic Games taking place within two months of each other. There also important news events, including government elections in several countries, and the EBU insists that satellites will remain at the cornerstone of its ability to maintain the competitiveness of its members.

Expanding remote newsgathering is another motivating factor here, since this relies on satellite capacity to a large extent. The EBU is therefore also validating the new-generation satellite newsgathering solution that Eutelsat has launched on its Ka-Sat High Throughput Satellite. Called NewsSpotter, this IP service reduces the cost of delivering remote broadcasts from the field.

“The EBU and Eutelsat have agreed the renewal of a long-lasting relationship,” said Graham Warren, Director of Network at EBU. “The EBU was the first customer of Eutelsat in broadcast services in the eighties, developing a relationship which has brought success for both parties over so many years. In the fast and ever-changing broadcast technologies world, this renewal is the premise of further successes for the EBU. ”