Eurosport chooses SGT Media Manager

Eurosport, a European sports television network, has chosen SGT's Media Manager solution for its new pre-transmission infrastructure installed at its head office. This installation forms the core of the distribution system for the channels Eurosport and Eurosport News channels.

Ninety-seven million households in 54 countries in 18 different languages receive Eurosport, a channel devoted to broadcasting sports events. The sports news channel Eurosport News broadcasts to 18 million households in 70 countries in six languages.

Operators at the main office will use SGT's Media Manager to trim ingested files, check quality operations and manage its tape library.

One of Eurosport's goals for its new system is to be able to digitize several incoming live feeds simultaneously. The Media Manager platform should enable it to record more than 10 sources at the same time on its Thomson Grass Valley video servers.

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