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Europe: More Logos Added to HD Logo Glut

If clearly marked logos are designed to inform prospective DTV buyers and help distinguish one type of HD technology from another, a glut of new logo usage in Europe seems to have had the opposite effect.

“HD ready 1080p” and “HD TV 1080p” are relatively new labels that will be affixed to HD products in Europe that meet the standards of the European Information, Communications and Consumer Electronics Technology Industry Associations for processing and displaying 1080p video.

The strict logo requirements are meant to stop a tide of European products that will often carry a series of advertising-prone, proprietary logos which boast about such non-descript conformities as “Full HD” (which is purely a marketing term usually used describing 1080p) or the more generic “1080” without readily disclosing whether it’s interlace or progressive.

The newer logo standards come on top of previous requirements for labels marked “HD ready” and simply “HDTV” that the EICTA sanctioned nearly two years ago.