Eurofins Develops Updated Test for NextGen TV Logo Program

(Image credit: CTA)

LUXEMBOURG—Eurofins Digital Testing has developed an updated test for the Consumer Technology Association’s NextGen TV Logo program. The update, scheduled for release by the end of Q2 2021, will be applicable to 2022 model receivers, Eurofins said.

“The test suite for the NextGen TV logo program assures confidence that ATSC 3.0 transmissions and receivers will work together properly. ATSC 3.0 technology has unparalleled flexibility and receiver manufacturers need to know that their products will respond appropriately to the wide variety of services that broadcasters may transmit,” said NAB CTO Sam Matheny.

“This new, expanded set of tests for 2022 products will increase confidence from broadcasters to provide more services, from TV set manufacturers to implement more features, and from consumers to look for products with the NextGen TV logo.”

CTA, NAB and Eurofins collaborated on development of the test suite. First launched in 2019, the suite has evolved to include more than 250 tests covering NextGen TV requirements, including ATSC 3.0 physical layer, signaling and ROUTE/DASH, AC-4 audio, 4K HEVC video and other 3.0 features.

CTA research forecasts U.S. TV shipments with NextGen TV capabilities will increase by 500% from 2021 to 2022. 2024 shipments are expected to reach 12 million units. 

“The NextGen TV Test Suite, developed in partnership with Eurofins and NAB, is key to the logo program and its message to consumers. We encourage all manufacturers of NextGen TV-capable products to contact CTA for more information on our logo-use and product-certification program,” said Brian Markwalter, CTA senior vice president, technology and standards. 

Eurofins Digital Testing operates an independent test lab for ATSC 3.0 technologies and is an ISO accredited lab for ATSC 3.0 RF testing. Its Arreios for ATSC 3.0 Test Tool is available to manufacturers opting to test for ATSC 3.0 conformance of devices in house, Eurofins said.

Eurofins also supplies the test suite used to verify compliance with ATSC 3.0 Security Authority (provider of service security and DRM licenses for ATSC broadcast services) specifications.

More information is available on the Eurofins website

Phil Kurz

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