ESPN Brazil builds media archive with Front Porch Digital

ESPN in Brazil has implemented the Front Porch Digital DIVArchive solution. Thousands of hours of irreplaceable content created by the Brazilian cable sports provider will be under the management of the DIVArchive system. The installation at ESPN was implemented this summer after about 12 months of collaborative design and planning by Front Porch Digital, their local distributor LineUp and ESPN. Running under the direction of a Blue Order MAM system, the DIVArchive system is starting small but is projected to expand quickly, taking advantage of DIVArchive's scalable architecture. The archive will use an IBM tape library loaded with LTO-4 data tapes.

For now, archived broadcast-quality content at ESPN is accessible only to librarians, with editors having access to low-resolution browse copies via the MAM application. Plans are already in place to upgrade the system by expanding the DIVArchive system for redundancy and to improve bandwidth and add storage space, which ultimately will grow to more than 200TB.

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