Ericsson Launches OTT Service

STOCKHOLM—Ericsson is getting in on the OTT game, as the company has announced that it will launch a new end-to-end subscription video-on-demand content service, NuVu. Ericsson plans to launch the first NuVU service in Q1 2016.

NuVu will provide about 3,000 local and international TV and film titles for a monthly fee. Subscribers can download content to their smartphones or tablets, including a built-in ability to distribute content during off-peak network times. It can also access the content offline for up to 30 days after downloading. Ericsson is working with international distributors to acquire TV and film content.

The NuVu will feature a personalized user interface, bookmarking and personal recommendations. Initially available as an Android app, Ericsson plans to offer NuVu for other platforms and operating systems in the future.

Ericsson and telecommunications service provider Airtel Nigeria will jointly launch NuVu in Q1 2016. Airtel has more than 30 million subscribers in Nigeria.